Jacqueline Leong

Spending half of my lifetime indulging in work and just work... I've came to realized that there are more important things in my life that I should spend my time with, as once I missed or lost it, I will never have another chance to turn back the clock. As such, I've learnt to treasure every moment with them.... Thank you my beloved Grandma, Daddy and Daisy.... you've made me come to know the mistakes I've made before. Though I can never see, talk or hug you now, but I know, you've never left me, just that you've "migrated to Heaven" and are watching over me from above now...

My Wishlist

1) All my loved ones to stay healthy
2) Able to take holiday breaks every half yearly
3) To stay happy and positive
4) Buy my own house
5) Set up my own business
6) To do voluntary work for the Elderly

My Wishlist for Bella

1) To Stay healthy
2) Cheerful
3) Skin no more itchy
4) Fur longer so that can tie nice nice top-knots
5) Mummy will buy me nice top ribbons and bows
6) A stroller
7) Lose weight (both me and Bella)
8) More quality time together

In Loving Memories of my 2 Beloveds who left me 26/12/2008


In Loving Memories of my Beloved Daddy who left me 17/03/2010

Beloved Dad

Dedicated To Late Daisy - My Dearest


Cute Little Bella - My Baby Princess

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Monday, March 17, 2014, 6:59 PM
In Loving Memory of my dad 25101935~ 17032010

記得在讀小學時,曾經讀過朱自清的一篇散文~背影。依稀記得我每讀一次都會哭,也許是因為提到爸爸的緣故吧, 特別能起共鳴。現在再看這篇散文時,那感覺和多年前是完全不同的,還多了一份痛。此刻,我爸爸的背影已成回憶。

從小到大,爸爸都是我的避風港,他特別疼愛我,一直都在保護著和挺我,還聽著我發牢騷, 是位好爸爸,我最愛的親人。可是他卻那麼早把我'拋開',自己到了天堂去。


永遠無法忘記看著他的生命漸漸離去,看著他吸上在這世上的最後一口氣,我的心好痛,好不捨。。。為什麼不多給我一些時間,我還有好多事沒為他做呀。那時我傷心得完全哭不出來,我的世界變空白了,不曉得該怎麼辦。 我好後悔,好後悔。