Jacqueline Leong

Spending half of my lifetime indulging in work and just work... I've came to realized that there are more important things in my life that I should spend my time with, as once I missed or lost it, I will never have another chance to turn back the clock. As such, I've learnt to treasure every moment with them.... Thank you my beloved Grandma, Daddy and Daisy.... you've made me come to know the mistakes I've made before. Though I can never see, talk or hug you now, but I know, you've never left me, just that you've "migrated to Heaven" and are watching over me from above now...

My Wishlist

1) All my loved ones to stay healthy
2) Able to take holiday breaks every half yearly
3) To stay happy and positive
4) Buy my own house
5) Set up my own business
6) To do voluntary work for the Elderly

My Wishlist for Bella

1) To Stay healthy
2) Cheerful
3) Skin no more itchy
4) Fur longer so that can tie nice nice top-knots
5) Mummy will buy me nice top ribbons and bows
6) A stroller
7) Lose weight (both me and Bella)
8) More quality time together

In Loving Memories of my 2 Beloveds who left me 26/12/2008


In Loving Memories of my Beloved Daddy who left me 17/03/2010

Beloved Dad

Dedicated To Late Daisy - My Dearest


Cute Little Bella - My Baby Princess

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Monday, January 25, 2010, 10:25 AM
Happy 1st anniversary to our Home Bella!

Today marks the 1st year on the arrival of Princess Bella to our house. She has given us loads of laughter and joy during this 365 days with us and we grew to love her more and more dearly.. for sure... my mum is a BIG FAN of Bella...

Wishes Bella good health, cheerful, happy, pretty and many many many more years with us as shes already part of our family!

Love you Bella....

Friday, January 22, 2010, 4:36 PM
Don't you dare to yell and shout at me again!

I just cannot stand some man who thinks they are so self-centred, so great, so smart... never listen carefully and start to yell and scream.. I will tell the person.. You goto hell!

who are you to scream at me! never pick up your call is not an offence and need no sarcastic remarks from you to tell me I so busy ah... Yes.. I am so busy, whats wrong, you are not the only one on earth thats busy, if you choose to think your own way and drive to my place... my reply is.. When did I ask you to do so? I did not have any appointment with you!

If you take me as a friend.. respect me! If you fail to respect... I dun see why I should respect a asshole! You have disturbed my peaceful life again and I hate the screaming feeling! Sick and tired of all this... I dun wanna end up inm IMH again... leave me alone!

All I want is peaceful mind and life...

Thursday, January 21, 2010, 2:14 PM
Sick again

Haiz... it has been such a busy period for me since end last year with work and Bella's health... Thank God, Bella gal's health is better, now awaiting for her next urine test on 1/2.

I am feeling so tired and sick lately, since Monday, started with fever that does not subside after few days and developed to bad flu and asthma attack last night. Went doctor this morning, given 2 days MC coz I am having bad chest infection.... this round i have prepared mask to avoid passing the flu germs to bella....

Theres so much so much work and stuffs to attend to... dunno how can i catch some rest... I am tired...... just hope things will be better....

Friday, January 1, 2010, 11:17 PM
A New Year with a New Start

Its a brand new year... my greatest wish is all my loved ones in good health. stability in work, happy and harmony at home... and importantly... my Princess Bella.. that she will recover fully from her kidney condition....

There so much so much things in my mind - but i jsut could not pen them down.... I've ended a 2008 with lots of tears and brokeness coz grandma and Daisy left me.. in 2009, ended well... just that I was troubled by Bella's sickness and well... my company suddenly tells me to cough out over $2K for my leave and MCs taken for the last 6 mths coz they have jsut confirmed me as a permanent staff. I felt cheated coz i have never ever in my entire working life goto pay back company....

I am beginning to think... are all SMEs out there to cheat their employees? I worked so hard for the last 6 mths... though they kept putting me on probation (guess they only have their own interest at heart), and how could a human not fall sick over 6 months? Sick and tired of SMEs, my earlier employer in Brandz also, biggest idiots on earth to cheat my one month salary, and now.. the government should take action on them, economy downturn is not = being unfair to employees. What a joke... I earned lesser than I was as a contract staff, and yet, instead of getting benefits from the company.... the company is getting benefits from me by making me pay back... whats my hardwork? When you need people, you drain them dry....

Another joke was, some bosses can tell us that he has recently interviewed many people and we are seem to be having a good life here, coz these peopler goto work late till 2 to 3am daily, goign back to work on weekeneds etc... hahaha... Mr Boss.... either you are an idiot or you got no brains... 1) for sure, you have not work in the industry long enough, big agencies got overseas client and at many times, they need to communicate only at nite, thus, they will come in to work in the afternoon till midnite, 2) most agencies like to go for drinks in the evenings and back to work again - thus, they tend to work till overnite, 3) everyone who comes for interviews always like to paint a good pic of themselves, 4) its ridiculous that the person work in such timings coz thats a machine working, not human, 5) why will this candidate come over for an interview, if his/ her company is so good, must be can't stand the working hours, 6) as you are making such comments by just eharing one side of the story, pls review on what are the people whom have been working very hard for the compnay for the last 365 days, rather to hear from people who are trying "hardsell" themselves....

Don't blame me for being calculative with the company.. coz the company has been the on being calculative with me....

Emm..... there should be some courses to teach bosses of companies how how to communicate and motivate staffs....

Totally cheeze off ...