Jacqueline Leong

Spending half of my lifetime indulging in work and just work... I've came to realized that there are more important things in my life that I should spend my time with, as once I missed or lost it, I will never have another chance to turn back the clock. As such, I've learnt to treasure every moment with them.... Thank you my beloved Grandma, Daddy and Daisy.... you've made me come to know the mistakes I've made before. Though I can never see, talk or hug you now, but I know, you've never left me, just that you've "migrated to Heaven" and are watching over me from above now...

My Wishlist

1) All my loved ones to stay healthy
2) Able to take holiday breaks every half yearly
3) To stay happy and positive
4) Buy my own house
5) Set up my own business
6) To do voluntary work for the Elderly

My Wishlist for Bella

1) To Stay healthy
2) Cheerful
3) Skin no more itchy
4) Fur longer so that can tie nice nice top-knots
5) Mummy will buy me nice top ribbons and bows
6) A stroller
7) Lose weight (both me and Bella)
8) More quality time together

In Loving Memories of my 2 Beloveds who left me 26/12/2008


In Loving Memories of my Beloved Daddy who left me 17/03/2010

Beloved Dad

Dedicated To Late Daisy - My Dearest


Cute Little Bella - My Baby Princess

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Thursday, November 26, 2009, 2:26 PM
Its the 11th month,...

Today marks the 11th month since Grandma and Daisy left me.... time flies its coming to a year soon.....

Have come to terms that they've left me - but memories of them stays with me forever....

Was telling mum that during my last trip to BKK while on flight - I fell asleep and I dreamt of grandma and Daisy - I saw their smiling face and peaceful look, walking on the white clouds... its just so real and clear. Mum said - that means they are in Heaven. I told me, I have always said they are in Heaven and watching over us....

To my dearest Grandma and Daisy - I'll love you forever and ever and you stay in my heart.... misses both of you dearly....

Sunday, November 22, 2009, 5:31 PM
Bella celebrated her early 1 yr BD on 10/10

Bella's special Bd cake from aunite LovelyJo

5:17 PM

I have never felt so peaceful till this last few months (since April)... released a big "burden" - too much of stress and has gotten me into depression.... and importantly... goto know a group of new frens that shares same interest and able to talk "heart to heart"... which I have never done that for a long long time...

Its the peace at heart that i long for and having Bella into my life really has brightened up my days.... memories of Grandma and Daisy stays within my heart forever.....

Soon.... its gonna be a year since they left me......

5:12 PM
Finally the lazybone start to blog again

heeeeee.... just taking a look at the date... wow.... me last blog was in 16/8/09.... so long already hor.... no wonder i kana "warning" from blue and ela..... heeeee..

so many things happened over the last few months.... let me slowly slowly recap.....

See my new post la