Jacqueline Leong

Spending half of my lifetime indulging in work and just work... I've came to realized that there are more important things in my life that I should spend my time with, as once I missed or lost it, I will never have another chance to turn back the clock. As such, I've learnt to treasure every moment with them.... Thank you my beloved Grandma, Daddy and Daisy.... you've made me come to know the mistakes I've made before. Though I can never see, talk or hug you now, but I know, you've never left me, just that you've "migrated to Heaven" and are watching over me from above now...

My Wishlist

1) All my loved ones to stay healthy
2) Able to take holiday breaks every half yearly
3) To stay happy and positive
4) Buy my own house
5) Set up my own business
6) To do voluntary work for the Elderly

My Wishlist for Bella

1) To Stay healthy
2) Cheerful
3) Skin no more itchy
4) Fur longer so that can tie nice nice top-knots
5) Mummy will buy me nice top ribbons and bows
6) A stroller
7) Lose weight (both me and Bella)
8) More quality time together

In Loving Memories of my 2 Beloveds who left me 26/12/2008


In Loving Memories of my Beloved Daddy who left me 17/03/2010

Beloved Dad

Dedicated To Late Daisy - My Dearest


Cute Little Bella - My Baby Princess

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Sunday, July 26, 2009, 10:51 PM
To my beloved Grandma and Daisy

Dear Grandma Marie and Daisy,

Today marks the 7th month since both of you left me, every month at the hour that both of you left me, I will look up the sky to "see" you, coz I know you are watching me from Heaven.

I missed both of you dearly.... just lost of words to describe the feeling, its painful.

I have never ever regretted "wasting" my time in looking after grandma, indeed, I have learnt a lot and have grew to love taking care of you Grandma.... I used to be upset and angry when you scold me or nag at me... but now... how i wish I could turn back the clock to hear you again... I miss wearing diapers/ bathing you/ cutting nails for you/ pushing you on your wheelchair etc. remember we have spent a lot of real good times together, I can never forget your childlike smile whenever you are happy... Grandma... I've never tasted your cooking for at least 10 years and really miss that... but I know... I will never be able to have that chance anymore, could only put that in my memories. My biggest regret is you went into comma without leaving us a word and I was not able to stay with you by your side when you left us, grandma, pls forgive me. I will never forget what you have thought me and I have promised you on the morning before you left us, that I will remember you and love you forever... Grandma, do watch over us from Heaven...

Darling Daisy.... my sweetie pie... jie-jie miss you so much.....I have kept all your belongings with me as I can't part them... I've even kept the medicine that you took.... what I am left with are just all these and memories of you.... did you hear my prayer earlier at the hour you left me? Daisy gal... I can never ever forget the scene when you gave me a smile and collapse in my arms on 26/12 at 10.30pm. My whole world shattered.... I lost grandma and you both on the same day! This is just too much for me to take.... I never dare imagine this will happen..... but girlie... I know you have been a brave warrior and you have been a fighter, you've tried your best to fight for every single breathe you have.... my wonderful pal for 14 years... you have a part in my heart and with you leaving me, its just like a part of my heart being removed. You've came to me when you are just 7 1/2 weeks old and spent 14 years with me.... how I wish I'll have another 14 years with you.... Remember... Bella mei mei is not to replace you, shes like your little sister and I truly believe God has sent her to me to heal my wound....shes looking more like you now.... jie-jie loves both Daisy and Bella, both of you are my princess and I will never leave you.

I pray that both of you walk close to God in Heaven, have peace and watch over all of us in the family..... Love you Grandma ... Love you Daisy....

Till we meet again in Heaven in God's time.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 11:21 AM
Bella - the naughty gal....

these days... my little princess has been a rascal... ooopps... should say always been a rascal.... she has been playing with everything above her head... even my bed.... heres the evidence

shes looking like a da tou wa wa now... haiz... my little fat gal... weighing 5.1kg when shes only coming to 9 months old... pengz....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 1:58 PM
Back to work

haiz... me back to work after my self-declare long weekend... busy looking after my baby Bella....

Glad that she ok now... jumping and playing hide and seek and silly enough to show her big fat tail... this morning....

Last night she starting "fighting" for food... guess her appetite is back.... praying hard my this little one will stay healthy, happy like a baby always....

Monday, July 20, 2009, 3:22 PM
Baby Bella - Sick....


Haiz... my baby really made me so worry... she had a bad tummy ache after back from grooming.... pooed like spray jet and saw a bit of blood.... I almost freak out.... and she looked so tired. Its the first time that she jumped up my bed and rest herself there and knock off - never done that since she came to our house.... she must be feeling uneasy.

Back to the poo... i was trying to recall what i fed her that day.... think i gave her too much Lamb meat from the can, the tummy must be not used to the food yet... and I think I have given her a pretty big portion that morning.. haiz... baby suffered all becoz of mommie... poor thing....

Though baby had a bad tummy, she still have the appetite for dinner (likely shes hungry)... finished all her food and went back to my bed to sleep. My little was so manja... she sleep with me on my pillow almost the whole nite and heard her whine a bit - first time whining.... must be feeling uncomfortable....


Woke up late in the morning coz was looking after Belle Belle.... planning to attend church service at 11am...

My gal don't look well, shes very lethargic and her eyes look so tired.... felt her bady, was very warm. I've decided to feed her with plain porridge with a bit of hard boiled egg to clear her tummy... shes such a babe... guai guai finish her food and I fed her with Nuova medicine....

Monitored her for a while, don't seem to be better, happened that Lovely Jo called and she advised to give the vet a call for advise. As shes just a puppy, Vet's advise is to send her down just in case shes having infection....

Very sweet of Jo to bring me there.... and Dr Tong was so gentle with Bella and he did not give her a jab - hurray! Was glad that she's just having some stomach upset and was reminded that even though shes on Heartguard Plus, deworming must be performed monthly to clear all worms.... a lesson learnt. Bella now weighs 5.1kg... OMG... so fat.... was worried, ask doctor if shes overweight, glad to hear him say it a ideal weight, shes those with big bones... haiz... Belle Belle ah.... pls don;t be so big until you don;t look like a Shih Tzu hor... also hor, if you so big, how is mommie going to carry you in your bag bag to go gai gai leh????

Oh... we took MRT from Yishun back to Toa Payoh, this is the first time Bella experience taking MRT and she just sooooo sweettttttttttttt.... she kept her head in her carrier and sat quietly throughout the whole journey without anyone realizing.... phew.... really an experience.... shes suc a babe....

This little gal is really not well... after medication, she slept throughout the afternn on my bed and evening we gave her porridge again... and she just ate quietly... mum so heartpain, carry her so many times to sayang her....

I've decided to take a day off work on Monday to look after my baby.... also mum need to go doctor... so at least to release her from cooking....


Finally a chance to sleep late on Monday... woke up at 9.30am with Bella and shes still so sleepy...hahaha.... no choice, must get up to do house work and later work from home...

Though Dr Tong said just need to feed Belle Belle orridge yesterday, today can start with her normal food... me super kiasu... still gave her porridge in the morning to serve her medicine.... of course her face super long and sad... but still managed to give her all the medicine..... but by 12.30pm.... think this little gal hungry le... she kept following me and look at me... gave her some steamed chicken via hand feed.. she makan happily.... think shes really hungry le...

After sleeping for few hours in the afternoon, Bella gal finally got her battery recharged and started running like mad dog with her toys.... and i brought her down to the market to buy newspaper... she so happy... the aunties all said she has grown.... she gave a cheeky look.... haiz

Bella's appettite came back this evening, she ate all her steamed chicken, pork and plain porridge.... by herself... hahahaha... she must be starved... now shes sitting next to me eyeing at the door... waiting for my mum to be back and she will start her manja show again....

Have been forcing her to drink water today, now, waiting for her to poo.... hope shes not having constipation... i stay believe that due to minimal food last 2 days, so not much poo ... after tonite, she should poo la....


3:15 PM
Baby Bella .... 3rd Grooming

Baby Bella had her 3rd hair cut on 18/7. She looking cuter and definitely neater.....

Belle Belle spent about half a day at groomer's place with ShaSha, MT and MM jie jie.... as usual, she's the only one there screaming at the top of her voice (dunno for what la)... haiz... so malu....

The mommies went to Chinatown for some makan and back massage - age catching up la.... and when back at Vivo to pick up all the princesses.... they all look so clean and sweet.... but.... all look so tired. Bella fell asleep while way home.....

haiz... battery flat so easily....


Friday, July 17, 2009, 11:58 AM
To my dear Daisy....

I saw you in my dreams last night,
Seated quietly by my bed side,
I could hear you whispering into my ear that you are alright,
And you’ll always be watching over me
from Heaven, day and night.

My dear Daisy, did you see my tears rolling down by my side.
You’ve been my best pal for almost half of my life,
When you left me, my life went apart.
I know I’ll see you again in Heaven,
when the time is right.

Daisy, you’ll never be forgotten for the rest of my life.
You’ve been such a beautiful angel
that has brighten up the days of my life.
Do come into my dream tonight
and let me hold you tight.

Dearly missed by,

Jacq & Bella

Thursday, July 9, 2009, 12:27 PM

Haiz... finally...after thinking, thinking, thinking and still thinking.... I've finally made up my mind to create my own blog... hhahaha... not sure if it works... but i am learning... thanks to ela.... for helping....

More to come.....